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Hello Panama City Beach, FL!

Panama City Beach Fishing Charter

This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that Captain Mike has selected Panama City Beach’s best and most reliable web designer, Beach Web Design & IT to develop Genie’s website and Internet presence.

Our new website is expected to be 100% completed by no later than July 5th, 2016! Of course, as of 07/01/2016, the site is fully functional, and ready for business. All that’s left to do is a few tweaks, some more images, and tightening down all the bulkheads as they say.

Our site will be focused on items such as:

Fishing, What’s biting, Panama City Beach (Local News, etc.) Charter news, Boating and more! Thanks for visiting. Any questions or comments, please direct them to our staff via our contact page. Of course you might also call Capt. Mike directly at 850-867-0258

Check back soon for any available updates. Thanks for visiting Genie on the web, and thanks for staying in Panama City Beach, Florida— One of the most beautiful places on earth.